Loeffler’s Pooka Takes Golden Sheaf at Yorkton Film Festival

May 29, 2011


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Maurey Loeffler’s Pooka Takes Home Golden Sheaf at Yorkton Film Festival

Maurey Loeffler’s most recent film, Pooka, took home the Golden Sheaf award for Best Drama at the Yorkton Film Festival – North America’s longest running festival. Pooka, shot in Toronto, had an all Canadian cast including Katie Boland (Daydream Nation, Adoration, Growing Op, Terminal City) in the lead role, Megan Follows (of Anne of Green Gables fame), Tasha Lawrence (The Line), Chris Owens (Agent Spender of The X-Files), Devon Bostick, Rebekah Miskin and Ben Watson.

Pooka tells the story of an outcast teenage girl, who is desperate to prove to her parents that she fits in, while in truth she is ostracized for being different. Loeffler, born in Leroy Saskatchewan, is thrilled that Pooka was so well received at the festival in his home province.

Pooka received a Filmmakers Assistance Program grant from the National Film Board.

Choroid Entertainment Inc, Loeffler’s company that produced Pooka, is set to team up with Saskatchewan’s Trilight Entertainment (Hardcore Logo II) for his next film, Washed in the Blood. Loeffler is heading back to his hometown of Leroy Saskatchewan to shoot the film, a revenge western set in 1961. For more information visit http://washedintheblood.com

For More Information and Media Inquiries please contact:
Rebekah Miskin
Head of Communications at Choroid Entertainment Inc.

About the NFB:
The National Film Board’s mandate is to reflect Canadian values and perspectives through the production and distribution of innovative Canadian audiovisual works accessible in relevant media of today. The Filmmaker Assistance Program (FAP) is designed to help developing independent filmmakers complete their films/videos by providing technical services and support. For more information visit http://www.nfb.ca/

About Choroid Entertainment Inc.:
Choroid Entertainment is a Toronto-based production company specializing in dramas that seek out truth in society and explore the human condition. Choroid endeavours to tell engaging, enlightening and, above all, entertaining stories. For more information visit http://choroidinc.com

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